'Ware Hawk - Andre Norton

I'd read this when I was young. It was one of those books that stuck with me, but the only thing I recalled about it was a man and woman traveling through a haunting landscape. I was happy to see it re-issued as an ebook and snapped it up.


I'm pleased to report that, unlike many books I enjoyed as a kid, it held up to a re-read as an adult. The strongest aspect was the setting. It remained as dreamlike and haunted with a real palpable sense of lurking Evil as I remembered.


However, I had to knock one star off because it didn't fully satisfy me. I'm a romance reader/writer and I would have loved to see the romance (it ends with the hint of one) fully fleshed out. In fact, I spent a little time rewriting (in my head only, no disrespect to the late A. Norton) bits of Tirtha and the Falconer's interactions to add more sparks.